Jacky was passionate about photography long before this was formed. Early on in his career, he was a  graphic designer back in England which has helped him portray images in a different way.


With an eye for holistic fashion and a masterful skill for transforming traditional poses and settings into modern works of art, never will you say, "I love that photograph, but I hate the background." This is one of the most difficult skills for a modern photographer to learn, being able to transform classics into modern tastes.


Its a privilege for him to be invited to photograph one of the most important days in a someones life. He owe it to his clients to deliver the best of his experience, talent and wisdom.


If you have any questions about his work or you want to make an appointment to discuss your inquiry feel free to Email, Whatsapp or call him!





jingfeilee@yahoo.com       Tel: 07554840925

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